How to Hire Manager in idle office tycoon

idle office tycoon mod apk

In this game, accumulate enough money, access the β€œManager” section, choose a manager, and confirm the hiring process by spending in game currency. Managers provide bonuses like increased productivity.

As a beginner, you may be wondering how to hire a manager to boost your office productivity and efficiency. In this article, we will guide you through the process of hiring managers in idle office tycoon APK.

Unlocking the manager feature

Before hiring, it’s important to unlock the manager feature.
It is possible only when you are reaching a certain stage or earning a specific amount of revenue. Keep playing and progressing through the game objective, and focus on expanding your office and upgrading equipment. After reaching, you usually unlock this feature.

Check the manager Manu

Once the manager feature is unlocked, then you will find a new Manu option specifically for hiring managers. Usually, it is located in the game’s main interface. In which a lot of managers have different specializations and skill sets.

Upgrade managers

Once you are hired a manager their performance can be further enhanced by upgrading them. Look for the option to upgrade the manager’s skills and abilities. This will make them even more effective in managing your office and generating profit.


Hiring a manager will give you various benefits, such as increasing your income, reputation, and tenant satisfaction. So managers also perform for you by extending or ending contracts, offering discounts, or sending gifts.

This is just one aspect of the game. Don’t forget to focus on their important tasks like upgrading your office, hiring employees, and expanding your business. Have fun playing the journey of building your successful office empire.

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